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Intoxicated by the Unseen: A Guide to Heavenly Bliss

I’ve often been asked by people who desire to be “Drunk in the Spirit” how to get drunk or “Why is it that some people feel drunk or high and some people don’t?” Often times, people are frustrated by their seeming inability to sustain the experience of Bliss in everyday life. I used to struggle… Read more »

Lullaby for a Broken Heart

A while ago, I was going through an extremely difficult time after experiencing hope deferred in the realm of romance. My heart was broken and I had very little hope of finding the “True Love” that I was deeply longing for. All that seemed even slightly appealing was to lie on the couch in the… Read more »

Effortless Union = Effortless Humility

For several years, I wondered how it might be possible to have a place of influence while at the same time remaining humble. This apparent contradiction caused me a lot of anxiety, until I heard Papa speak so clearly to my heart: “When you know who you are, it is impossible to be arrogant. You… Read more »

Freedom of Expression

It’s really easy to hold back the expression of who we truly are, out of fear of what other people might think. Often times, we let fear stop us from expressing ourselves honestly, because we are afraid it might offend people. I have wrestled with these kinds of thoughts quite a bit.

If it’s not Good News For All, it’s not Good News at all

Any time I have read something in Scripture that sounded contrary to Papa’s heart and I ask him about it, he is always faithful to reveal himself in it. Scripture can only be understood in one context: Us in Christ and Christ in Us. In his death and resurrection, he didn’t die alone and ascend… Read more »

Freedom from the Hamster Wheel

Upon meeting Jesus, face to face in 2006, my entire life took a dramatic turn from the direction I was headed. I had encountered a very real Love in the tenderly affectionate, powerfully authoritative voice of my Beloved. I had spent my entire life, up to that point, with a schizophrenic view of God. I… Read more »

When Jesus Goes Bananas

The more I talk with people, the more I am realizing that all everyone wants, whether we realize it or not, is Jesus. I’ve discovered that people that have a problem with God don’t actually have a problem with God; they have a problem with their idea of God, often based on the misrepresentation of so-called Christians who say that he’s still counting their sins against them and that they better watch out… or else. The New Testament clearly says that God is Love (1 John 4:8) and that Love keeps no record of wrongs (1 Corinthians 13:5). The Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, even prophesied of the New Covenant, speaking as the voice of God, saying, “I will count their sins and lawless deeds against them no longer…”

Why do we still point the finger at so-called “sinners” telling them they need to change? This is not the heart of God. Is the Love of God unconditional or are there still conditions attached – ie. Stop doing this or you must do that, etc.?

Cleaner than a Baby’s Bottom

When I was living in Houston, I worked as a greeter at an upscale bowling alley, which also dubbed as a bar/restaurant. My job was to seat people on a lane and give them their shoes and bowling balls. I went to work every day, totally overwhelmed with the Love of God and it caused… Read more »

Hopes and Doubts, Fear and Love

When someone’s arm breaks, we all know they need immediate medical attention, right? Accommodations must be made for the arm to heal properly and be used as little as possible until the healing occurs, yeah? A cast. A sling. Restriction of movement. Protection. My arms are important. I need them to do the things I… Read more »