Effortless Union = Effortless Humility

For several years, I wondered how it might be possible to have a place of influence while at the same time remaining humble. This apparent contradiction caused me a lot of anxiety, until I heard Papa speak so clearly to my heart:

“When you know who you are, it is impossible to be arrogant. You are the Image and Likeness of God! God is Love! You partake of the Divine Nature! God’s nature is Love, and Love is patient and kind, not arrogant or rude, and keeps no record of wrongs!”

When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples in the 13th chapter of John, it was in the context of Jesus knowing exactly who he was! It is recorded that when he knew that he had come from God and that he was going back to God that Jesus knelt down and took the role of a servant. He knew he was worthy of all worship and honor yet instead, because Love is his nature, he manifested his identity through simply being Love and since Love is humble, humility inevitably was shown.

Paul instructs us, in his letter to the Philippians (chapter 2) to “have the same mind in you which also was in Christ Jesus.” In other words, “Think about yourself the way that Jesus thought about Himself.” Jesus didn’t strive to acquire or forcefully cling to the reality that he was the Son of God! Nor should we! In the same way that I’m a man and it would be foolish to ever think I could get pregnant, so I never think, “Oh crap, I better be careful! I don’t want to get pregnant!” Jesus knew that he was the exact Image and Likeness of God and didn’t feel the need to try and somehow prove it or maintain it! He simply rested in the reality that He is the Son of God. The same is true of you and I! John joyfully announces in his first epistle that as Jesus is, so are we in this world! Peter tells us that we have the Divine Nature – the Nature of God. Love is who we are.

When Jesus was nailed to the execution stake, we were there, IN HIM! Our old, depressed, frustrated, arrogant, selfish, anxious self is DEAD! Now we are alive in Him! It’s no longer you or me living, but Christ living in and through us! To the extent that we see Christ as He is, we manifest His nature as He is reflected in Us.