If it’s not Good News For All, it’s not Good News at all

EarthAny time I have read something in Scripture that sounded contrary to Papa’s heart and I ask him about it, he is always faithful to reveal himself in it.

Scripture can only be understood in one context: Us in Christ and Christ in Us. In his death and resurrection, he didn’t die alone and ascend alone! He died and resurrected as humanity. In Adam all sinned, but in Christ all are are righteous.

I’m finding, more and more, that people who say they have a problem with God do not have a problem with God; it is only their idea of God, fashioned through pain and a misrepresentation of who he actually is he is the desire of the Nations; when seen rightly, he is absolutely irresistible. People are made in his image and likeness.

In the book of Revelation when it speaks of the adulterers and fornicators and liars and thieves burning in the lake of fire, it troubled me in light of Papa’s grace. Upon asking him about it, he spoke to my heart, saying,”Chris, people are made in my image and likeness. They are my children. The liars and adulterers and thieves and fornicators are not people; they are false identities that people have taken upon themselves because they have not seen me clearly. I come to destroy the illusions of those false identities by constantly revealing the nature of humanity in my Son, Jesus.”

It’s amazing how liberating it is to see everything through the lense of our full inclusion in Him, without any separation from one another. God is Love and Love keeps no record of wrongs!

We love because he first loved us! When he’s seen rightly he is absolutely irresistible how can anyone not love him when they see how deeply loved we are by him? If there is any hint of law, it’s not the gospel. To say that it’s up to me to somehow satisfy God, I would be spitting on the cross of Christ! Even our ability to believe is a gift. To say that I am better than anyone else because I believe is absolute arrogance and antichrist. Jesus believed for me, and our belief is his doing.

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and ALL who live in it.” (Psalm 24)

Humanity is the image and likeness of God and the only reason anyone would live contrary to this is because they simply don’t know who their Daddy is. When we see him clearly, as he is right now, we manifest him to extent of how clearly we see him. God is love and Love keeps no record of wrongs. Period. In the death and resurrection of Jesus, it was not only one man dying and resurrecting; it was the entire human race dying and being born into new life, in union with the Father, Son, and Spirit! If it isn’t good new for everyone, then it isn’t good news at all!

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