YouTube Cover Song Series

Recently, I began a YouTube Cover Song Series where I will be filming covers of songs that have played a role in my development as a songwriter. Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! to keep up to date with new videos!

I cannot say "Thank You!" enough! I'm so grateful for the ways that you've been so supportive! You are absolutely amazing!

What if Money Were No Object?

Earlier today, while at a coffee shop with my wife, I overheard an interview taking place a few tables away from us. There sat a nervous high school girl across from someone who appeared to be a vocational coach, seeking advice to help her find a college major. I heard the bright eyed student saying things such as, “Well, I think anesthesiology might… Read more →


The Magic Man – Spontaneous Song for Britain V.

On March 5, 2014, I had the privilege of singing a spontaneous song for one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. Britain Vanderbush is an incredible illusionist and visionary, who has awakened dreams in the depths of countless hearts! This song was written on the spot, for Britain Vanderbush - "The Magic Man" Read more →


…And That’s How the Cages Crumble!

Download Cages Crumble! iTunes GooglePlay Amazon Just as the year 2012 was fading into 2013, I met the most wonderful woman I could have ever dreamed of. She has been such an amazing expression of Love to me, in ways that I only thought were possible in fairy-tales. She’s amazingly creative, joyously childlike, and beautifully expressive in the Nature of… Read more →


The Identity Crisis

What if the world’s violence and injustice is only a direct result to humanity losing sight of the origin of our identity? What if seeing ourselves clearly is all it takes to see a world possessed by Love? Here’s my take… Read more →


Wrath: Anger or Passion?

The Passion of God is the very thing that drove him to let his Beloved bleed him dry so that he could reveal to her just how beautiful she always has been, even when she never saw it for Herself. When we see Him as He is, we manifest him effortlessly. Jesus came to express the Passion of God, through Loving a humanity that lost sight of their true identity and bringing us back to Reality, by hugging the world to himself, declaring that He has never been far off and that he has always loved us from before the beginning. Read more →


Religion VS. Grace

Religion wants to see humanity as separate from God as if we have to somehow work towards union with Him by doing things that somehow make us “more spiritual”… and it is always placed into an elusive future somewhere else, treading just barely outside of our reach, constantly promising heaven but giving us a living hell, always failing to deliver… Read more →

tissue box guitar

A Tissue Box and Rubber Bands

It feels like just last week. I had never seen a real guitar in person before. I was over at my best friend’s house, where his older brother was playing his brand new Fender Strat. I was mesmerized and I had to have one. It was the early 90’s and I was in third grade, when my friends introduced me… Read more →