What if Money Were No Object?

Earlier today, while at a coffee shop with my wife, I overheard an interview taking place a few tables away from us. There sat a nervous high school girl across from someone who appeared to be a vocational coach, seeking advice to help her find a college major. I heard the bright eyed student saying things such as, “Well, I think anesthesiology might… Read more →

Nightlights EP

Nightlights EP: FREE Download!

Nightlights EP is a raw acoustic precursor of Chris Hammond’s upcoming release, “Whispers.” Loaded with heartfelt intimacy, these four tracks are stripped down, raw acoustic versions of four songs that will appear on the album. The songs are a reflection of humanity’s longing to belong; a journey of the heart through the depths of loneliness and despair into the ecstatic… Read more →


Wonderful – Free Song Download

CLICK HERE to Download ‘Wonderful’ A few months after meeting Jesus face to face, I began going to church and became extremely confused. The Voice of my Papa became seemingly silent and I had forgotten how to hear him. The pain of my belief that God was far away became unbearable and I began to weep. I begged him to… Read more →